New Blog!!!

Hey all,  just wanted to let you know that we have a NEW BLOG!!!  We are so excited – Here is the new blog adress : www.jephotographyblog.com.  We will see you there!



We’ve got a brand spankin’ new service we are now offeing our Wedding clients called  {PHOTOBOOTH!} It is a super fun way for us to photograph your guests.  Lets face it, no one looks good cheesing it up for the camera while eating &  then having spinach hanging on their tooth. This is WAY better!  Your bring the props and the craziness, and we snap away! At the end you will get an online gallery, and a cd with all of the files on it! So check it out… Here is the PHOTOBOOTH from Kimber & Adam’s wedding!

Photo booth Short


wait…. how did that one get in there?! Jonathan is showing the international symbol for bloated..I guess.


McMahan Family

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on the blog, which is super lame, because we have a lot of work to show, but we have sadly managed to let this slip…I don’t even want to start on how ridiculous our family blog is, ugh. Anyhow, we have been privileged to photograph many fantastic people, and friends. One of our latest is of the McMahan family. We did some newborn photos for them, and were excited to do some family shots now that their little guy is bigger (and getting cuter by the minute). We are sad that they will be moving soon, and have really enjoyed getting to know this great couple. BHS has got some GREAT people headed their way! Ok, so here is a sneak peak at their family shoot.  Enjoy!

DSC_8128-Edit copy

DSC_8394-Edit copy

DSC_8470-Edit copyDSC_8503-Edit copyDSC_8520-EditWM

“photo shoot”

About a month ago, Becky brought up the fact that we don’t do photo shoots for our family… Although we do take a ton of pictures of our kids, they are never “photo shoots”.   In case you didn’t know, Becky is expecting our fourth and so this presented the perfect opportunity to do a “photo shoot”.  So here it is Becky.  I love you and I am so glad to have this wonderful family with you.DSC_4290-EditDSC_4758-EditDSC_4733-EditDSC_4685-EditDSC_4658-EditDSC_4607-EditDSC_4485DSC_4482-EditDSC_4482-Edit-2DSC_4310-EditDSC_1639-EditDSC_1615-EditDSC_1588-EditDSC_1530DSC_1418-EditDSC_1451-Edit

Back in November, Jonathan did a shoot for some great friends and a fantastic family. But, we waited on the littlest guy of the bunch to get bigger before capturing his crazy cute smile.  He’s undeniably a happy kid, and fits right in with his super cute siblings. You can see some of their shoot HERE.

Here are some of our faves..



Gabe & Andrea

Jonathan had a blast shooting with Chelsea Hudson of Chelsea Hudson Photography, for a couple we knew back in the good ‘ole College days. Chelsea is a very talented photographer and it was so fun to team up with her and shoot Gabe & Andrea’s Wedding Day. You can check out more photos of the Wedding and read more about Gabe& Andrea’s amazing story on Chelsea’s Blog

Here are a few of Jonathan’s View…Enjoy!

DSC_8913-Edit copy

DSC_4955-Edit copy


DSC_9372-Edit copy





guess he got what he wanted 😉

DSC_9222-Edit copy

LOL! love this…

DSC_9506-Edit copy

DSC_9538-Edit copy

DSC_5636-Edit copy

DSC_9757-Edit copy

DSC_9831-Edit copy

Congrats Gabe & Andrea! Maybe you be amazingly blessed in you life together!


We shot Lindsey & Josh’s Wedding earlier this month in Ft. Smith on Ft. Chafee. I guess it is fitting for us to post this today, since it is Memorial Day! Lindsey’s Dad was in the military, and we would like to say thank you to him, and the many men and women like him who have served us and our country selflessly, and enable us to live with amazing freedom! Lindsey & Josh had a super fun wedding, and a fantastic wedding party who knew how to have get down & have a good time! Thanks guys for choosing us to photograph your Wedding day! Here are some of our Faves!


OsborneWed2 OsborneWed11 OsborneWed5 OsborneWed7 OsborneWed10 OsborneWed3 OsborneWed4 OsborneWed6 OsborneWed13 OsborneWed9